Christmas Light Installation Service

Celebrate this holiday season by taking a break and letting someone else do the work of hanging your Christmas Lights.

Save Time and Have Us Handle Everything

If you would like for us to handle all the details when it comes to installing Christmas Lights on your home in the Rosenberg area then just give us a call and we will make a turn-key process for you.

Your Lights + Our Labor = Savings

If you already have Christmas Lights from a previous year the ask us to hang those for you. You can save about 1/3 on the expensive of your lighting project. You will be responsible for inspecting, testing, and untangling the lights before we show up to put them on your home. In addition you will also need to provide the light clips, hangers, ground stakes, extension cords, and timers as needed.

Consider the Use of LED Lighting for Your Next Party or Event

Do you have a birthday party or maybe a family reunion coming up? No matter what the event is we can help with decorations in the form of festive string lighting to illuminate your facility, decor, or venue. We look forward to see what your event is.