Richmond Christmas Light Installers

If you live in or around Richmond Texas then contact us for all of your lighting and outdoor decoration needs. We can provide lights or hang your Christmas Lights.

Turn-Key Christmas Light Installers

If there is a reason that you need a fully turn-key installation service then just give us a call and we will come to your home and install Christmas Lights and after New Years come and take them down. We will bring the Christmas Lights and everything to hang them including extension cords, timers, clips, hangers, ground stakes, and every thing else.

Discounted Light Installation When You Provide The Lighting

If you already have Christmas Lights in storage and would like us to hang your Christmas Lights then just tell us in advance. We simply ask that you inspect, test, and untangle all the lights that you would like us to put up for you. You will also need to provide all the installation hardware and accessories needed.

We Hang Festive Lighting For Your Party or Event

If you are planning any kind of event such as a birthday party, company party, or religious event give us a call and we can help with all of your lighting needs.